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Our First Family Campout

October 26, 2009

October 2009 131

Pre-kids, we loved to camp. We have all the gear but have been hesitant to try it with little ones. We finally decided to give it a go this weekend. Our church was having a one night family campout so we decided to give it a try while we would have the support of other families. Our super expert camper friends Matt and Liz came along and cooked the meals (AMAZING ones) so, we really only had to get our tent up. Some of the kids in the church were working on Boy Scout merit badges and pitched our tent for us so when it really came down to it, we didn’t have to do much of anything!

October 2009 173

We went fishing. Will J be brave enough to take a fish out of the bag?

October 2009 151

Oh yeah….

October 2009 156

N and J loved the kids they met, especially N’s new ‘best friend’ James. A 12 year old who was great with kids and would make a super babysitter in a couple of years!

October 2009 135October 2009 138

It was a great first campout and we are most of all, thankful to Matt and Liz! May this be the first of many campouts together!

October 2009 132

Saturday Morning Adventures

October 19, 2009

We learned about Saturday morning adventures from our dear friends and mentors, the Callisons. J couldn’t wait until N was old enough to enjoy one on one time together. We started them in Central Asia when I had almost no time away from N and J each week since there wasn’t Mother’s Day Out, Church, or other activities you would typically drop your child off for an hour or two. That hour or two can make a big difference! J started taking the kids out for an adventure each Saturday morning so that I could have a little alone time. N and J love this special time with Baba and look forward to the fun things they might do each week. This Saturday, they took Ernie to get a vaccination at a neighborhood mobile vet clinic and then went to the park. Who knows what next Saturday will bring for them but I know that for me, it will involve a cup of coffee and a very quiet house.

Ernie responded to the news of his shot much better than N and J do!

Ernie responded to the news of his shot much better than N and J do!

The nurse made a mistake this week and told N and J they would have to get their fingers pricked. Oh the tears that followed. She had mixed up the charts and there was no need for finger pricking. Then came the look of shock as they sat saucer eyed, trying to comprehend their good fortune.  
You just can't beat going to the park with Baba.

You just can't beat going to the park with Baba.

October 2009 099

Lily Hats

October 15, 2009

This week’s craft is a little out there but we had fun making them and exploring all the creative ways to play with lily pads.

Lily Pad Hats: Cut a lily pad leaving about 4 inches of stem. Turn one edge up to poke through the stem to make a hat brim. Poke holes in either side of the remaining pad. Thread string through one hole, around the stem and back down through the other hole to tie the hat under the chin. A perfectly waterproof creation!

October 2009 028

Lily pad water play truly is amazing- for all ages. Give it a try!

October 2009 027October 2009 042October 2009 029

October 2009 051October 2009 050October 2009 056

October 2009 060October 2009 022October 2009 038

Lake Weekend

October 12, 2009

This weekend we went to my parent’s lake house. Our friends Scott and Abby live overseas and we hosted their friends for the weekend as a way for them to get away from the busyness of their time in the states and just rest with friends. I didn’t take too many pictures but, here’s a picture of some of us going out to eat…

October 2009 068

We also walked in the rain…

October 2009 013

And just spent time enjoying being with Baba…

October 2009 019October 2009 067October 2009 044

Ziplock Omlet

October 1, 2009

This is an easy breakfast for a group.

1) Label everyone’s ziplock with a permanent marker.

2) Let each individual go through an assembly line putting desired amount of egg, cheese, onion, ham, sausage etc. in bag.

3) Drop zip lock bags into a pot of boiling water.

4) Cook for 5 minutes.

Uncle A and his yummy omlet.

Uncle A and his yummy omlet.

It was a good weekend because…

September 28, 2009

Baba was on call, well that wasn’t good. But, we wanted to make the best of it so we made our first day trip to see Grandma and Grandpa. We packed lots of fun into a few hours and it helped in filling the void of Baba’s absence. I don’t think we will ever adjust to the stark contrast between our own lives and the situations Baba walks others through as a hospital chaplain. Just one of the things he did during his 24 hours on call was help a family take their loved one  off life support and say a final good bye.

While we were at a football game.

I’ll post more about Baba’s job later- I’m not sure I have the words to articulate my feelings yet. Back to our good weekend, N got to see his first football game. He was in absolute awe of the band and drill team and it was a treat to see his childlike delight.


September 2009 084September 2009 077Copy of September 2009 093September 2009 091

Equally fun was riding the go-cart with Grandpa and catching bugs in a new bug catcher.

September 2009 076

The fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s house was closely rivaled by the fun we had when JT came to visit on Sunday. JT is Baba’s cousin which in N’s eyes elevates him to superhero status. But, JT is so cool, he would have been elevated to superhero status just by simply being JT. I mean, really. Who takes time out from studying for law school to :

September 2009 099

Give bike lessons,

Copy of September 2009 102

receive a lesson from a two year old as to how to change a baby doll’s diaper,

September 2009 103

and even watch Sleeping Beauty! I think he is a superhero! He’s definitely a super cousin and we’re grateful for his role and N and J’s lives. Come back soon JT- I can’t guarantee that you won’t be giving bike lessons or changing doll diapers but I can guarantee that we won’t feed you hot dogs again!


September 22, 2009

That’s what J was when she locked herself inside the house today. N and I were outside planting fall flowers and catching frogs. I knew something was wrong when I heard banging on the door from the inside of the house. I immediately remembered my friend Becca who had a similar thing happen to her child. I’m thinking she called her husband to come home and unlock the door, if I remember correctly. My husband works an hour away. He usually doesn’t have cell phone reception in the building. No chances of him bailing me out of this one.

I kept trying to get J to turn the lock but it was simply too high. I don’t know how she managed to lock it in the first place. After she gave up in frustration and began to become upset, I knew I needed a new plan. Why not just call Baba and see if he could help me think. The message I left went something like this:

“Baba, just wanted to let you know that J managed to lock herself  inside the house. I know you can’t help me do anything but think clearly. So, call me back and help me think clearly if you get this.”

When I hung up, N looked up at me from the porch where he had been sitting crossed legged, watching the whole ordeal. His imput would have made me laugh, had I not been near panic. In a bored, patronizing voice he said, “Mom, why don’t you just call the police.”

We’ve done our fair share of that in the past year but those are stories for another day. Good idea N, good idea. But, I wasn’t ready to resort to letting the police break a window, yet.

I went to the front of the house, hoping Baba had been careless and left the garage door unlocked when he left for work in the wee hours of the morning. No luck. Darn. He’s just to dependable.

Next, I went to the front door and checked to see if there was any way it had accidentally been left unlocked. Again, no luck. But, a plan began to formulate.

I called J over to the front door and had her climb up on the windowsill, just next to the door. From there, she could reach the lock! After an extreme coaching session where I yelled and cheered like an idiot, trying to keep a 2 year old engaged in this strange game, she finally succeeded!

I swept her into my arms and held her tight and praised her for her good work in unlocking the door. Rookie mom mistake. A little too much praise.

5 minutes later, we were back to fall flowers and frogs and I heard a banging on the inside of the door….

Do You Listen to Your Underwear?

September 11, 2009

 This week, I heard the following conversation take place between my son and my husband:

N: “Baba, I’m mad at you.”

Baba: “Why, N?”

N: “You was wrong about somethin’ .”

Baba: “What, N?”

N: “Batman DOES fly. I saw him on the back of my underwear!”


I laughed out loud. Then I thought to myself, “I sure hope there comes a day when N believes his father over what he sees on the back of his underwear!”

As I thought more about N’s accusation and their exchange, I realize how often I, too, like N, believe the back of my underwear over my heavenly Father.

The things we see each day- TV advertisements, magazine articles, interactions with friends, general life in this culture all stir up a desire in me to be thin, have beautiful skin, have a perfectly decorated home, drive a nice car, wear the trendiest clothes, send my children to the best school possible, make sure they are in sports at the earliest age so they will develop that cutting edge, give them the right friends, vacation in nice places…..

You wanna know the truth? Batman really doesn’t fly. I know Wikipedia isn’t always the most reliable source, but for today’s case in point it will suffice. Wikipedia states that Batman, ” Unlike most superheroes, does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation.”

Just as N needs to believe his earthly father in the nuances of superheroes, I desperately need to believe my heavenly Father as he has so clearly spoken directly into these struggles. I just have to choose to believe Him.

Ecclesiastes 1:14 “I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.”

John 6:63 “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.”

Psalm 49:12 “But man, despite his riches, does not endure; he is like the beasts that perish.”

From the Mind of a 4 Year Old

September 1, 2009

Copy of August 09 081N has made me laugh several times this week. Who thinks about these things? Here are questions that he has asked:

“Why to horses have toungs if they can’t talk?”

“Mom, have you ever seen whale blood?”

“If a bee catches on fire, what will it do?” (followed by bee crash and burn sound effect, of course.)

“Mom, how will I know when I’m gonna die? I think its tomorrow.” (good think he proved to be wrong on that one!)

“Mom, when old people are really, really old, can they still talk?”



A Reason to Celebrate

August 31, 2009

We’ve been celebrating around here this week. There is only one reason why we would…..

August 09 139

Copy of August 09 135Copy of August 09 130Copy of August 09 124






Go to the really cool Noah’s Ark splash park


There’s only one reason why we would ……

Copy of August 09 143
Go ice skating


Copy of August 09 144

Eat ice cream


There’s only one reason why we would…

Copy of August 09 191

Play at the mall


Eat out twice in one week. Yeah. We’re getting crazy around here


There’s only one reason why we would…

August 09

Go on a special trip to the zoo just the kids and Baba.

Wait. This isn’t a real picture. I had to draw one since I wasn’t there to follow everyone around with the camera.


There’s only one reason why we would…

Copy of August 09 223

Play backyard ball on a Friday afternoon




And after 4 months of looking, that’s a reason to celebrate!


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