Ski Weekend Part 2

March 3, 2015

Day two of our ski trip was also fun. But, this years trip wasn’t as magical as last year’s but last year’s would be near impossible to beat. Lets just say this trip was more ‘reality’. Again, ski boots and squatties don’t mix. We had a few cultural moments on day two that made us worse for the wear. For example, loading into a gondola should never resemble a mash pit, in my opinion. Also, when you go to pick up your French fry order at the counter, it never sits well to see a stranger eating them while you walk up. Not complaining about culture is a cardinal rule around here but I also don’t want to make it seem like life is all roses when it’s not!

This picture is my favorite. Apparently SK’s too because right after we took it, she announced that it should be our Christmas card picture next year. Way to be a planner!


We also sledded because throughout the entire trip, SK kept asking to ride the ‘tricycle’. She was such a trooper on skis that we didn’t want to let her down. So, she sledded awhile while the big kids continued to ski.

At times like this, I am so thankful for the life we are living, each day a unique gift.

Unfortunately, though, the trip didn’t end so well for sweet J. On our second to last run, she twisted her knee, pulling ligaments and landing herself here.

She’s supposed to keep her leg elevated for 5 days and then can use crutches for the next 5 before going back for a checkup. We are only on day 2. She’s uncomfortable, in pain at times, bored, frustrated and discouraged. I know each day will be a bit better for her but from this vantage point, 10 days seems like forever! Send her an email, voxer message, text, or what’s app text!




Ski Weekend

February 28, 2015

We have looked forward to skiing together all winter and finally the weekend arrived!

We aren’t staying on the mountain this year but in a city about 30 minutes away due to this trip falling on a weekend during peak season.

By lunch, little girl was exhausted. Last year, she rode between Baba’s and my legs but this year, we have a harness for her allowing her to ski in her own. But this also requires her to exert more energy!

The other two are doing great!

An unplanned adventure was trying to take two little girls to a squatty potty! Lets just say some things aren’t meant to be together and skiing and squatty potties fall into that category!

We are only skiing two days but after being so tired after the first day, this is ok! Time for games, hot chocolate and an early bedtime to be ready to go again tomorrow!

This is what someone has worn all evening in the hotel room!


Settling In and Dewberry Farms

February 24, 2015

After 2 weeks of travel, we were ready to settle into our own temporary home. We did our best to really root ourselves into life in our old city. One of the things we established was a weekly  home school co-op with a dear friend to keep things consistent each week. During one of our first co-op weeks, we visited Dewberry Farms!

October 2014 852

October 2014 851

October 2014 850

October 2014 860

October 2014 863

October 2014 872

Love this fall!

October 2014 870

October 2014 882

Even the car ride was a blast for these crazy kids, so happy to be reunited!

October 2014 897

October 2014 896

October 2014 893

October 2014 892

October 2014 891


Week 2- Archery

February 22, 2015

October 2014 795

We had fun shooting arrows together in Baba’s hometown.

October 2014 798

October 2014 803

Such a look of concentration!

October 2014 806

October 2014 811

October 2014 813

October 2014 827

October 2014 824

October 2014 815

October 2014 819

Look out!

October 2014 826

Week 2- Baba’s Hometown

February 20, 2015

It was wonderful to see extended family in Baba’s hometown.

October 2014 787

October 2014 786

October 2014 758

October 2014 755

October 2014 742

October 2014 738

October 2014 790

October 2014 760

Rangers Baseball Game

February 18, 2015

During week 2, we also went to a Texas Ranger’s baseball game. This was especially exciting for Baba who loves a good baseball game!

October 2014 712

October 2014 709

October 2014 710

October 2014 697

October 2014 696

October 2014 695

October 2014 692

October 2014 706

October 2014 702

Someone hadn’t fully recovered from ‘jet pack’ yet!

October 2014 713

Week 2 in the States

February 16, 2015

Our second week in the states was spent with Baba’s family. First, we went to Great Wolf Lodge. The kids have wonderful memories there and it was such fun to return!

October 2014 732

October 2014 728

October 2014 727

October 2014 729

October 2014 720

October 2014 721

Beach Time

February 14, 2015

During our first week, we spent a couple of days at the beach with my parents. The trip was so special. In some ways, it felt like a dream. It was hard to believe that less than one week before, we had been living half way around the world.

October 2014 601

We even got to watch Frozen in a private theater!

October 2014 623 October 2014 625 October 2014 628


I LOVE N’s reaction when this fun dessert arrived!


October 2014 632 October 2014 554

October 2014 565 October 2014 568 October 2014 588

October 2014 583


Jet Lag

February 12, 2015

Or, Jet Pack as SK mistakenly called it. A neurologist once told me it takes one day per hour’s difference to adjust to a new time zone. We have an 8 hour difference and her estimation usually seems to be about right. We have also learned that if you wake up in the night, wide awake, sometimes eating a snack can help. So, when we returned this time, I put a banana by each child’s bed and asked them to try hard not to get up but to just eat the banana and go back to sleep. SK still claims “jet pack” and asks for a banana every once and awhile. The novelty of food in bed was entertaining for her!

We hit the ground running when we arrived in the states. Well, all but one of us did. Little SK’s body just couldn’t keep up!

These pictures were all within the first week.

October 2014 636

October 2014 616

October 2014 463

October 2014 462

October 2014 629

Our First Week in the States

February 10, 2015

We spent the first two weeks of our time in the states on vacation, re-uniting with our families. We had one week with my family and one week with Baba’s. It was such fun to spend time with cousins.

October 2014 483

October 2014 457

It was also fun to eat at some of our old favorite spots.

October 2014 467

We rode some crazy animals in the mall with the whole fam!

Kaela's Iphone ending Jan 2015 076

Kaela's Iphone ending Jan 2015 082

Kaela's Iphone ending Jan 2015 085

Celebrating togetherness was so special!!

Kaela's Iphone ending Jan 2015 103


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