Time to Flip and Fly!

September 1, 2014


June and July 2014 143

June and July 2014 148

J and Baba perfecting their synchronized flip!

June and July 2014 149

Indiana Jones Party!

August 29, 2014

Is N really 9 years old? How did we move from a car themed party to Indiana Jones? Sometimes, I just want life to slow down!

June and July 2014 238

N had a guys only party this year with a great guy theme, again, thanks to sweet LA who sent decorations!!

June and July 2014 283

We served snake eyes, mummies, monkey brains, beetle wings and worm guts. N’s local friends were saucer eyed as I explained the menu!

June and July 2014 252

June and July 2014 251

There was a serious scavengerĀ  hunt with lots of prizes!

June and July 2014 275

A little target practice.

June and July 2014 260

June and July 2014 264

And a yummy cake.

June and July 2014 281

June and July 2014 288

N has really been blessed with some sweet friendships here, both local and foreign. His party was a reminder of this blessing. Happy 9th birthday N!


Captian Water Park

August 26, 2014

One of the things we really wanted to do this summer was go to this awesome water park. It opened in our city last year and we went at the very end of the summer. We had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to go again this year.

The kids call it “The Captian Water Park” because the kids area is designed to look like a pirate’s ship.


There were very few people there on the day we went. In fact, we never waited in line on a water slide, at all. The park is built at the edge of the ocean with a beautiful view.


The only posted rule on the water slides is don’t stand up. Hence not waiting in line! You just go whenever you want! We all go at once, N and J would have wresteling matches on the way down, see how many times they could spin…the options for fun were endless! (Within reason) Once, J didn’t know there was someone on the slide she had chosen and passed an entire family on the way down! Crazy.


We also love that they allow our entire family to go on an innertube together! We will never outgrow the innertube together…the heavier it is the faster it goes!




See you again next year, Captian Water Park!

Daniel Tiger Party

August 23, 2014

SK had an awesome Daniel Tiger party, thanks to LA and my mom who send the cutest decorations! I also made a trolly from a cardboard box, complete with a bell.

June and July 2014 189

June and July 2014 208

June and July 2014 206

One factor I didn’t account for was decorating a cake in the middle of the summer in a kitchen without airconditioner. I had a ceiling fan on high but still couldn’t get the temperature in the room lower than 85 degrees. The icing just slid right off the cake, as I decorated it.

June and July 2014 203

Not my best creation. I eventually iced it in the refridgerator. No, not the best use of electricity but desperate times call for desperate measures. Even still, the dots kept sliding right back off. In the end, I quickly cleared everything out of the freezer and stuck the cake, half iced inside until just before we cut it.

June and July 2014 215

SK had a great time!

June and July 2014 212

June and July 2014 228


SK’s 4th Birthday

August 20, 2014


June and July 2014 130

We happened to be on vacation on SK’s actual birthday. She had excitedly anticipated wearing her Katerina Sydney Kate is 4 tee shirt and all the birthday wishes it brought did not disappoint!

Because we weren’t at home, I had to improvise on a cake, packing this pre-made cake in our bags.

June and July 2014 150

We cut the cake by the pool and invited friends to join in on the fun. June and July 2014 161

Later we celebrated with pool side ice cream.

June and July 2014 141

June and July 2014 140

June and July 2014 138

June and July 2014 137

June and July 2014 136

The kids club kids found out it was her birthday and put on a ‘surprise party’ complete with a birthday banner andĀ  (already planned) face paint! Such sweet kids!

June and July 2014 104

June and July 2014 103

The following day, SK opened gifts, once we were back at home.

June and July 2014 175

So excited.

June and July 2014 178

Pure gratitude.

June and July 2014 183

Happy Birthday SK!



Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

August 17, 2014

On Mother’s Day, I wanted to go to a cafe on the water. We found a new place that we hadn’t tried before.


Afterwards, we walked on the boardwalk by the sea.


My definition of a perfect day.

For Father’s Day, we surprised Baba with special shirts that say I love Baba. He wanted to go to the movies for Father’s Day. But, the only thing showing that was appropriate for the whole family was Tinkerbell!

June 2014 060

Baba’s definition of a perfect day.

Tree Tops

August 14, 2014

June and July 2014 083

On a summer vacation earlier in the summer, we did a ropes couse together as a family.

June and July 2014 081

N and J had a blast on the low ropes course.


Then we all tried to throw pine cones at Baba while he did the high course.

June and July 2014 084

June and July 2014 087

Afterwards, we all did the zip line. I was super impressed that everyone did it.

This was one brave little girl, just before her jump!



I had no doubt that this one was going to jump!



It was definately a bonding experience! Baba went upside down. I’m just glad I went.

June and July 2014 077

Afterwards, everyone got a shot at the climbing wall.



Yay for the gift of family adventures! Next time we go, SK will be big enough to join in the fun!


SK’s End of the Year Show

August 13, 2014

June and July 2014 024

I am so proud of SK for attending preschool this year. She was brave to go into an unknown situation, in an unfamiliar language. She now has the best language comprehension out of all of our kids.

We rode the bus to her performance. She felt so fancy!

June 2014 061

The performance was one big advertisement for the school. With several private schools, there is much competition. Think dance recital type constumes. Lots of English to showcase what the kids will learn. I thought I was in some type of twilight zone when the curtian opened and there were 30 mini-cowboys, complete with hats and fringed outfits dancing to the Cotton Eye Joe!

SK was in a drum act where they showcased what they had learned in music class throughout the year.


She was also in a ballett act and a song about waking up in the morning. So cute.


Two of our neighbors came to watch SK and afterwards we went out for ice cream together. It was so kind of them to come and support her as other children had extended family in attendace.

Congrats on a great school year SK!


Broken Foot = Quilt Camp

August 11, 2014

Did I mention there are no pediatric crutches here? The one thing I wished I had brought with us from America. We would have used them 3 times in the past 2 years. Who knew.

N is simply too big to carry. Incidentally, I had recently purchased a sewing machine. The kids were curious about its operation and thus began Quilt Camp!


June and July 2014 039June and July 2014 036

They chose their own fabric and cut their own squares.

June and July 2014 042

June and July 2014 041

They both really enjoyed learning how it was created, start to finish. They would guess at the next step and marveled with me at how ‘time flies’ when you are sewing!

In fact, during the week of Quilt Camp, they wanted to start as soon as they woke up each morning. I’m devoted but sewing at 7:00 AM isn’t my thing. Quilt Camp could’nt start until the breakfast dishes were done.

This was a fun bonding experience and if you have to be stuck at home, a fun way to start the summer!

June and July 2014 054



Broken Foot

August 9, 2014

N has a special talent. He manages to visit the ER every two months. I don’t like his talent. I don’t like it that we are known by the hospital staff.

When N broke his leg last month, the doctor said, “For you, special price.”

Really? We are getting a frequent visitor discount now?


June 2014 004

This one was a trampoline accident.

I’m a pro now. When the doctor looked at the calendar to see when he should take the cast off, I opened my calendar too. We’re going on vacation on this day, I say.

Ok. He conceeds. We’ll take the cast off the day before.

N, I’m sorry for your injuries. I really am. But, slow it down or we may just lock you in a padded room!


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